Osoyoos Golf Club - Donations

Donation Requests

The Osoyoos Golf Club is pleased to provide support for local organizations and community events through the donation of golf and golf products.

The Club understands the importance of each and every request however due to the overwhelming number of requests each year, a protocol has been implemented to ensure that the allocation of its support is fair to all organizations.  We ask that you read the following instructions carefully and provide all required information.  The Osoyoos Golf Club will not follow up or give consideration to incomplete requests or requests that have not been submitted in the time frame noted below.

Donations requests will only be considered up until June 1st each year. You must give a minimum of 1 month notice of your charitable event.  If, for example ,your event is January 15, 2017, your request must be submitted by December 15, 2016.

a) must be on official letterhead and include the date, location, and a description of the event
b) must detail how the profits of the event support its community and/or programs
c) must include a brief history of the event - number of years running, etc.
d) must include a contact name, phone number and email address for follow up

Requests will be accepted by email only.  Please send to 
info@golfosoyoos.com with "Donation Request" in the subject line.

Please note :
- not all requests are guaranteed a donation and only those approved by the Club will be contacted. We thank you in advance for contacting the Osoyoos Golf Club and wish you all the best with your fundraising efforts.
- golf passes will be issued with an expiration date, usually being the end of the current golf season. Exceptions will be considered but not guaranteed.