Osoyoos Golf Club - Junior Program

2017 Junior Development Program

The Junior Development Program is designed to encourage the youngsters of the Osoyoos community to participate in a comprehensive golfing experience sequenced over a number of years.  We promote learning and developing the basic skills of golf, plus rules, etiquette and protocols.  We welcome beginners as well as experienced juniors, ages 7 - 15, to join us this Spring and Summer for an exciting, fun and challenging opportunity.


Starting on Sunday May 1st, the Osoyoos Junior Development Program is offering a new and exciting opportunity for the young golfers of our community to experience and extend their development and interest in golf.  This program is called the Junior Golf League.  It offers the youngsters who have developed the basic skills and knowledge of golf an opportunity to increase their development of Swing Mechanics, Rules of Golf, and prepare for competition.

The League Program will begin on Sunday May 6th (it's not too late to join!), from 3:00 to 5:30 pm and continue through the Summer, under the direction of Lee Sapach and Wayne Hachey.  Each session will include Skills development followed by "on course" play.  The format will include competitive, individual and team play.  The schedule for the summer will have TEN sessions, approximately every second Sunday.   It will end on the Junior Development windup weekend in August, with the Junior/Adult Tournament, Awards ceremony, and Banquet on Sunday, August 26th.

To be eligible for this opportunity a young golfer must have  developed the basic skills and knowledge of golf, and a Junior or Seasonal Membership in the Osoyoos Golf Club.   The fee for participation is $25.

To register for, or receive more information, please contact Lee Sapach - gm@golfosoyoos.com  or Wayne Hachey - wayne@desertgolf.ca


The 2017 Junior Development Program, which introduces the youngsters of the Osoyoos community to golf, will begin on Saturday, May 27th. 

We will be offering some new and exciting changes to this program to afford better conditions for summer activities.   We will be running our developmental sessions in the morning, thus avoiding the heat of afternoon play.  The "Development Program" will start on Saturday, May 27th, at 9:00 am, and will run on Saturdays through to June 24th.  Once school is over we will change days to Wednesday and continue from July 6th, through to our year-end events, our Junior Championship, August 26, and our Junior/Adult Tournament, Awards ceremony, and Banquet on August 27th. 

We invite all the youngsters ages 7 - 15 to join and participate in learning and developing the skills, fun and values of golf.  Thanks to our sponsorship by the Osoyoos Credit Union, our fee will remain at $50 for the full program.  We are able to reduce the fee to families with more than one child participating.  As well, we offer scholarships to ensure that no child will be left out due to financial concerns. 

With our new Junior League and our Junior Development Program, we hope to encourage more of the Osoyoos youngsters to begin and continue to develop the skills, fun and excitement of golf.

Further information will be forthcoming on these programs.

For questions or information on these programs please contact:

Bob Blount     Tel: 250 495 5125     Mail: lynbob5125@hotmail.com