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PGA Golf Lessons

The BEST players in the world take ongoing golf lessons to play their best golf… you should too! The number one mistake golfers make is that they try to improve their game with new equipment. New drivers, irons and putters are temporary fixes for your slice or hook. If you want to play better then it’s more important to improve your mechanics and not just your equipment. Imagine the look on your playing partner's face when you dominate them during your weekly match. Golf instruction is far and away the most efficient and fastest way to shave strokes from your game. If you’ve ever taken a private lesson or attended a clinic then you probably remember how crisp you were hitting your irons and how solid you were hitting your woods at the end of the lesson.

We offer various flavours of golf instruction at the Osoyoos Golf Club: individual instruction as well as group clinics for adults, juniors and ladies.  


Desert Golf Academy    

The Desert Golf Academy is on-site golf instruction inspired and created by Golf Professional Wayne Hachey who began his golfing career at the Osoyoos Golf Club in 1984 and worked as an Assistant Pro under Dean Atkinson.

The main focus of the Desert Golf Academy is to bring the years of experience Wayne has gathered through his close association with many top players in the world of golf and pass on this knowledge to the students of the Desert Golf Academy.

2017 Programs:
20 - 24              Spring Junior Golf Week
24                      Ladies Spring Tune Up
1                        Girls Who Want To Have Fun Golf (5 sessions)
1                        Golf 4 Beginners (5 sessions)
12                      Short Game School
17                      Putting School
27 - 28              2 Day Maximum Golf School
14                      Putting School
16                      Short Game School
17 - 18              2 Day Maximum Golf School
10 - 14              Little Juniors Golf Week
21                      Short Game School
7 - 11                Junior Golf Camp

For more information, please call Desert Golf Academy at 250.495.8099, email Wayne Hachey or visit desertgolf.ca