Osoyoos Golf Club - Park Meadows

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A lot of golf courses claim to offer something for “novice and low-handicap players alike”…that’s like
a good/bad golf course or a hot/cold day…makes no sense! At the Osoyoos Golf Club we truly do have something for all skill levels because we offer not one but two full size, 18-hole courses each with its own distinctly different experience. 

The Osoyoos Golf Club was designed by individuals who believed it was possible to build a unique and interesting golf course that incorporated the natural beauty and defining features of the slopes of the desert mountainside.

The Park Meadows course is a pleasurable “resort” course that is walker friendly amidst a park-like
setting, combining the simple enjoyment of a memorable golf experience with visually appealing asthetics that takes in the surrounding mountains, the lush environment and the spectacular view of the valley below. Spend a day on the Park Meadows and you will truly enjoy a day spent in the lap of nature.